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May 11, 2012. Ricardo writes: Hi David. Congratulations on your beautiful music and magnificent keyboards. Fantastic tone on the solo in Blue Rain by Justin. It was a surprise to hear Andy again, I'm a big fan of Andy Latimer. The guitar solo in Masquerade is very emotional and magical. Tell me about what guitar and amp Andy uses on the guitar solo on Masquerade?

Hi Ricardo and thanks for your kind comments. Andy recorded his guitar parts (and vocals) for Masquerade at his own studio in England and then sent them to me in California over the internet. So I don't know exactly what equipment he used. I assume he used the same setup he uses frequently to achieve his 'trademark sound' for the solo that he played during the first part of the song. However during the song's closing section, Andy changed things up a bit for his dual-lead by opting for an edgier sounding rhythm/lead on the right channel while utilizing an Ebow on the left. Regarding Justin, he found the appropriate sound for his leads by running his Schecter guitar through a Boss GT effects box. Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues mentioned how much he loved the sound he got. We ended up using that gorgeous, sustained sound on every track throughout the entire album (at my request) and only once, during the middle section of Frozen In Time, did he alter it in order to get a starkly grittier sound.

Oct. 24, 2011. Nicolas writes: I just wanted to say I enjoy your projects and website very much... I have been a Three Dog Night fan since age 11 (now 52) and I really like the pics from the Shot In The Dark video... What I wanted to ask you was if the actual video to Shot In The Dark was available. Personally I think this is one of the best songs they ever made and should have been a huge hit.

Hi Nicolas: Wow, it's wonderful to get a Three Dog Night question for a change! I agree Shot In The Dark is a great song and should have been a hit for them. The video turned out quite good as well. It was one of my early directing experiences back in 1983. I gave DVD copies to all of the band members when I met with them back in 2008. Most of them didn't even have copies of it. I'm not sure if they're going to do anything with it or not. It's certainly a rarity and was the final Three Dog Night appearance of Chuck Negron before he left the band. I suppose it's up to Danny and Cory to decide whether it's ever going to get re-released on DVD.

July 9, 2010. Nick writes: Hi David. Great news on the record deal. I am really looking forward to the release of the album. How will the album be distributed and is there any possibility of getting a copy signed by you and Justin? (I just love his playing!)

Hello Nick. The album has a release date of October 5 where it will be available in all the usual places worldwide (Amazon, itunes, your local record shop, etc.). However, youíll be able to get the album 2 months earlier by pre-ordering it through ProgRock Records starting on July 20. The first 100 copies ordered through ProgRock will be signed by Justin and I. Thanks for your interest!

June 26, 2010. Axel writes: I've been a Camel fan for 30 years and I am really happy that Andrew is playing again. I heard your music and it is fantastic - wonderful voice - great symphonic progrock. I am looking forward to your CD. I wish you the best for your wonderful music - great success!!! It is so good that you make music with your son. Best wishes and kind regards.

Thank you Axel! Much appreciated. I really did enjoy working with Justin on this album and I think he did an amazing job.

June 25, 2010. David writes: Hello David. I just wanted to say that as a follower of Camel the band and all those involved over the years, I am delighted to hear all about this venture with your new album which can't come quick enough. Your home page is brilliant, very informative. The samples from the tracks also sound fantastic and the album cover a winner. Also Andy Latimer playing alongside you and your sonÖ fantastic. I hope there will be more to follow. I don't expect a reply as you will be very busy but just wanted you to know there are more of us out there. Very best wishes and good luck.

Well David, you are too kind. I do sincerely hope you enjoy the album. We hope to make an announcement here within a few days as to a release date. Incidentally, the website seems to require more time and energy than the album!!

June 18, 2010. Mehrdad writes: Hi David, I listened to the excerpts of your upcoming album. Nice music, and you don't know how heart-warming it was to hear Andy on the guitar again. Are you planning on touring? If so, is Andy going to be part of it? Would Europe be included in the tour? Thanks and good luck!

Hi Mehrdad. Although it would be a dream come true for me to tour with Andy, it isnít likely. If Andy is able to tour at all I imagine it would be with Camel. But that type of announcement would have to come from Camel Productions. As far as myself touring? If the album does well, itís a possibility I suppose, but there are no plans at this time.

May 14, 2010. Franz writes: Hi David, what I have heard from your new cd sounds great. I am very happy to hear Andy playing his guitar like in his best days. Maybe ďthe best is yet to come.Ē Don' t let us wait too long. Best wishes.

Thank you Franz. We are putting the finishing touches on the album right now and will be finalizing our worldwide distribution this week hopefully. I agree, Andyís contributions to the track Masquerade are gorgeous.

Apr. 29, 2010. Nicholas writes: David, the music you've posted sounds fantastic, and as for Andy Latimer's guitar, well what can I say? I was blown away as I always am by Andy's wonderful playing. I must say Justin sounds amazing too! The whole album is shaping up to be something really special and I for one will be waiting with baited breath for its release.

Wow, thank you Nicholas. I too am blown away by Andy and Justinís playing. Theyíve really taken this project to a level I hadnít dreamed was possible.

Apr. 18, 2010. Graham writes: David, absolutely beautiful music and so good to be able to have Andy back again. Love to everyone and cannot wait for the release date. Do you have one yet? Best wishes.

Hi Graham and thank you. We will most certainly be finished with the album in June and a release date will soon follow. Weíll keep you posted.

Apr. 18, 2010. Glauco writes: Hi David, Iím a fan of Camel. First of all my compliments for your skill in making videos and music! Very nice your music, you and Justin are great in playing! Iím looking forward to having your CD! Iím 50, and Iím from the Republic of San Marino (Italy), the oldest republic in the world. My wife with my son and daughter are ďobsessedĒ by my strong passion for music. Every second we breathe Camel music! My sister Maria has contact to you on MySpace, and youíve been very kind to her! Itís thanks to you that we can enjoy seeing Andy on stage and listening to his wonderful music Ė naturally we have all of Camelís DVDís. I know all about the forthcoming DVD ďThe Opening FarewellĒ. It will be a very special gift of yours for all of us. I hope youíll put on ďMasqueradeĒ excerpt soon on your blog! Our best wishes to you, your family and to Andy and Susan.

Hi Glauco. Thank you for that. Andy is a wonderful man and a great musician and it's an honor to be able to work on Camelís DVDís. And I am happy beyond words that he is doing a little better these days. I was in Italy in 2003 working on a movie with Mel Gibson and I must say you have a truly beautiful country. We're nearly finished with the album. And I will be putting up audio clips of Masquerade this week. Please say hello to your family.

Apr. 13, 2010. Maria writes: My brother and I are super Camel fans. We both think your music is wonderful and really appreciate your work. Thank you for your music and everything you did and will do in the future with Camel.

Hi Maria and thank you! Iím happy you like the clips. And Iíve truly enjoyed working with Camel on their DVDís.

Apr. 9, 2010. John writes: Hi David, I stumbled across your website by accident trying to find out how my favourite guitarist of all time was getting on after his transplant and was over the moon to learn that not only is he on the mend but is also helping on your forthcoming album. I am really looking forward to it. The soundclips are great. I am also looking forward to the Camel DVD as many fans were disappointed that there were problems with the recordings. It will mark the end of an era for Camel, and this will mark a new beginning for him we hope. When are planned release dates for both the album and the DVD. I didnít know that you were the producer of Camel DVD's previously and will now watch them again with added interest.

Hi John, thank you for your kind words. It appears the album will likely be finished in May or June. As to a release date, I donít have any specifics. Iím still trying to finalize distribution, but it should be shortly thereafter. Now regarding Camel's DVD, the visual portion of The Opening Farewell is edited and the mix is being finished up right now. Camel Productions will be making the announcement as to a release date. Fortunately, Andy was able to sort out the original glitch that occurred during the taping. Working on Camelís DVDís has been a truly wonderful experience. I especially enjoyed Curriculum Vitae and thought it turned out quite well. I think it captures the magic that is Camel and is quite emotional to boot Ė not bad for a documentary!

Apr. 8, 2010. Christian writes: Dear David. First of all, I must admit I didn't know about you until I heard some messages on the net regarding your album featuring Andy Latimer. I am a great fan of Camel, a writer in a French printed magazine dedicated to progressive music, and of course am delighted to hear that Andy is back to music! I am really impatient to listen to your album, and I am sure it will be great. Thank you for being one of those people who still want to make symphonic rock! I am going to put a news item on our website about your album to come.

Thanks so much Christian for your support! Iíve linked to your website and included a translation of your article on our Interviews/Press page. You have a great magazine!

Apr. 7, 2010. Paco writes: Hello David. Congratulation for your work. I look forward to hearing the album and if you would like to broadcast to my radio show, this will be a pleasure for me. Un abrazo from AndalucŪa, Spain.

Thank you Paco. Weíll let you know when weíre close to finishing up the album!

Apr. 4, 2010. Pamela writes: This looks to be one fabulous album! Intriguing song titles, haunting lyrics, and better yet killer guitar solos! Oh, how I love those soaring guitar riffs!

Thank you so much Pamela! Well, you are in luck. I am very blessed to have two of the best guitarists in the world, namely Andrew Latimer of Camel and my son Justin, appearing on the album. Frankly, I have not heard an album in recent years with such an abundance of emotional guitar leads. Andyís multiple solos on Masquerade and Justinís extended solos on Summerís End and Blue Rain for example are simply sublime. Dare I say, you wonít be disappointed!

Apr. 4, 2010. Anton writes: Hey David! I'm really looking forward to your album. You sound VERY much like Peter Bardens! (who is my favourite keyboardist, by the way). How many tracks will feature Andy Latimer? It will almost be like having the original Camel line-up again! Also, will any of the encores be featured on the ďOpening FarewellĒ DVD?

Hi Anton. After hearing one of my moog solos, Andy said the same thing Ė that the sound reminded him of Pete! Andy will be contributing to the epic track Masquerade which is nearly 13 minutes long. Regarding Camel's DVD The Opening Farewell, at this time it's unclear if any encores will be included.

Mar. 31, 2010. Bruno writes: Hi David, greetings from Brazil. Please, tell me some notices about the health and projects of Andy Latimer? Thank you very much and good music!

Hi Bruno. Andy is doing a little better these days. He recently contributed to a track called Masquerade which will appear on my new album. Camelís Opening Farewell DVD which I am producing should also be finished soon, but the release date of that is up to Camel Productions.

Mar. 29, 2010. Odd-Roar writes: Hello DavidÖ just beautiful music. And itís real good news that Andy will appear on your album. Camel is fantastic! Looking forward to hearing the completed album.

Thanks so much O-R. Andy has recorded some truly exceptional guitars and vocals for the track Masquerade and I am truly fortunate that he offered to play on it. Weíre nearly finished, so hang in there.

Feb. 27, 2010. Jan writes: Looking forward to listening to more of your music, the excerpts from your album sound exciting. I am a huge fan of Camel, and by searching in forums about them, I found your website. And I am really looking forward to listening to all of the songs on your album. Is it possible to buy a signed version of your album somewhere?

Hi Jan. Thank you for your interest. Yes, at some point when the album is finished (which should hopefully be soon) you will be able to get signed copies through this website.

Feb. 26, 2010. Marcel writes: Hi from Marcel in the Netherlands. The samples are awesome! Justin is one GOOD player, and I love the orchestrations. Really can't wait for the CD to be released. I just discovered your work, from linking back via several Camel blogs (which is my fav band). Already my best ďdiscoveryĒ of the year!

Hi Marcel. Thanks so much. Justin will be particularly happy to hear that. We will be adding more clips in the days to come.

Jan. 30, 2010. Philippe writes: I find your album "Tales of Heroes and Lovers" really great! It makes me think to Mandalaband: The Eye of Wendor! Could you give me the track listing please? I think the new album you prepare will be as good as the first!

Hi Philippe. I canít believe my first album made it all the way there to France! Iím glad you like it. Not sure if you want the track listing for the first album or the new one, so hereís both: ĎTalesí featured Let Me In/Let Me Out, Itís Driving Me Crazy, Tell Me Tonight, Lighthouse, Heroes & Lovers, Endless Dreams, Soldier of the Mind, Vampyre, and Stars. The new album will feature Masquerade, Chambermaid, Panic Attack, Blue Rain, I Thought She Was a Sandwich, Untitled, and a new version of Vampyre. Keep in mind some of these titles may change. We might release the first album on CD after the new one comes out if thereís a demand for it (it has yet to appear on CD). And weíve got two bonus tracks to add which were recorded around the same time. But I truly believe the new album should surpass the first one in every way.

Jan 28, 2010. Progger writes: Hello David, I am a progrock fan and actually a fan of your music. I had, years back, an album of yours which was brilliant. Regrettably, the album took a walk with somebody and I no longer own it. I'd like to offer you a platform for your music. I have for years done a ProgRock radio show in the southern part of Chicago. I love mellotrons, by the way, and symphonic stuff. If you have any music you would like to have heard by a listening audience, you may contact me. Hope to hear back, my friend.

Thanks Progger, weíll get back to you when our album nears completion. And Iíll see what I can do about replacing your Tales of Heroes LP. Thereís not too many around anymore. If this new album takes off, then the Tales vinyl will become a collectorís item I suppose, lol. We may bring it out on CD after the new one.

Jan. 24, 2010. Tracy writes: Hi David! I just let my fingers do the walking, and poof! Here you are! Hope all is well with you, and I'm sorry Justin (Hayward)'s participation didn't work out. Take care!

Hi Tracy. Good to hear from you. I was a little disappointed too. Justin H. really liked Blue Rain (the song he was to sing) and I was happy to get such a nice response from him, but in the end his schedule just wouldnít permit it. It would have been fantastic to have Andy Latimer and Justin Hayward appear on the same album. But I have to say, I really like the way Blue Rain turned out regardless.

Jan. 19, 2010. John writes: David, I just read your post about the tracks you have received from Andrew Latimer. It is great to hear he is doing better. I was at the Farewell Tour in Santa Cruz. When Camel Productions was formed I was one of the first to try to help them out and distribute on a small level in the pre Internet days. How cool that is to have Andrew recording and doing music for you.

Hi John. With all Andyís been through in the past few years, itís amazing to me that he would offer to help with my album. I am honored and touched. He is a true gentleman and a gifted artist.

Jan. 15, 2010. Richard writes: I'm so excited about the (new) Camel DVD. I kick myself every day for not going (to the Santa Cruz performance). I live near San Francisco and remember it like yesterday, thinking, "No, they'll be back. This is Camel's home." I have every Camel DVD and they are played more than all the other 100 combined. Your work is just really wonderful and the new one promises to be great as well. All the best with your album. Of course I'll check it out. Take care and please give my regards to Andy and Susan. Camel's music continues to reveal hidden treasures.

Hi Richard. Thanks for your kind words. Iím certain you will enjoy the new Camel DVD The Opening Farewell as well as my new album that will feature contributions from Andy. His trademark guitar will be featured prominently on the track Masquerade and it is truly breathtaking.

Jan 8, 2010. Glenn writes: Hello David, my English is not very good but I give it a try. This week I was reading that Andrew Latimer has become healing after a long time being sick. I was worry about him a very long time but now I am VERY excited about it because he is the Greatest Guitar Player and he plays in Camel. And I Love the music from Camel. Only go one time to a concert of him. That was in Utrecht Tivoli 22 October 2003 and now I see that you are making a Camel Farewell Tour DVD and if this is true I am then VERY HAPPY because they play Stationary Traveller. That is my favorite song, also Lady Fantasy and Never Let Go. Ok all songs I love. I hope that you are also putting rehearsals on it just like Coming of Age DVD. I hope that Camel is coming back to Holland for a concert. One last question. I saw also on the Camel Footage II DVD that there is recording of the Rajaz tour from The Troubadour Los Angeles 2000. I hope that you are going to make also that DVD because Three Wishes is so wonderful. Can you put a few sound previews of you and Andy playing from your new CD?

Hello Glenn. Stationary Traveller is one of my favorites too and will be on the new DVD. However, there will be no rehearsal footage on the DVD since none was filmed for that particular tour. Thereís a lot of other rehearsal footage of the band I shot years earlier that hasnít been released yet, and I donít know if and when it will be. There were technical problems with The Troubadour footage from 2000 which means that probably wonít be released either. We managed to salvage a couple of tracks from that performance for the Footage II DVD. I agree, Three Wishes is a great song but that was one of the songs whose audio wasnít recorded properly at the Troubadour. And yes, there will be audio previews of the new albumís songs here on this website under the audio/visual link.

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